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w/rnni \J^g/wrrm& 

Magazine Summer 2003 

Northwestern State University of Louisiana 



Alumni personal 




x jzi 


• • • . 

Dr. Chris Maggio, '85, '91 

Director Alumni Affairs 

Fellow Northwestern Graduates and Friends: 

School Spirit 

As we wind down yet another successful semester at our alma mater, I 
would like to reflect on something positive that I have seen while traveling 
the roads promoting NSU, and that is school spirit. Annually, the Alumni 
Association hosts many events on campus and in several towns and cities. 
It is so pleasing to see the surge in participation, volunteerism and 
willingness to promote NSU. 

At our Northwestern gatherings in your communities across the state and 
region, attendance at events has grown substantially. A prime example of 
this enthusiasm is at a recent crawfish boil in Piano, Texas. First of all, 
NSU alumni David and Kim Wright graciously hosted the event in their 
home and approximately 80-100 alumni attended the event. Attendees 
varied in age from recent graduates to folks who attended NSU in the 
1950's. One thing that was obvious and consistent was that everyone had a 
genuine love for Northwestern. 

Many conversations began similarly with "Well, when I was a student at 
NSU...". Smiles grew across faces as people reminisced about the 
brickshack, the Fieldhouse, Caldwell Hall, Saturday nights in Turpin 
Stadium, etc. You could feel a "common thread" that wove through all of 
us, and that thread was purple and white. You could feel the pride swell 
through all, and when we all left the event that night our love for NSU had 
grown even more. I cite this one example, but could relate to you many 
more at events throughout the year. 

Level of participation within the Alumni Association varies among 
individuals, but one thing that I know to be true is that we, proud NSU 
alumni, can make a difference. We can continue to elevate our great 
university to higher heights. Stay involved with NSU, spread the positive 
word of our alma mater's continued success, and show everyone that you 
have a strong school spirit... 

About the cover: Sonny Carter posed for NSU 
Photographer, Gary Hardamon. Pictured is his 
Web site 

Alumni Columns 

Official Publication of Northwestern 

State University 

Natchitoches, Louisiana 

Organized in 1884 

A member of CASE 

Volume XIII Number 2 Summer 2003 

The Alumni Columns (USPS 015480) is published 

4 times a year by Northwestern State University. 

Natchitoches, Louisiana, 71497-0002 Periodicals 

Postage Paid at Natchitoches, La., and at 
additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send 

address changes to the Alumni Columns 

Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, La. 


Alumni Office Phone: 318-357-4414 

and 888-799-6486 

FAX: 318-357-4225 



President Dr. B.L. Shaw 

Shreveport, 1955, 1960 

Vice President Jimmy Williams 

Winnfield, 1993 

Secretary-Treasurer Mike Sawrie 

Alexandria, 1972 

Executive Director. Dr. Chris Maggio 

Natchitoches, 1985, 1991 


Dane Broussard Houston.Texas 1986 

Jerry Brungart.... Natchitoches, 1969, 1971 

Tommy Chester Arcadia, 1969 

Joe Cunningham, Jr. ...Natchitoches, 1984 

Leonard Endris Shreveport, 1974, 1975 

F. Allen Horton Jr.. .New Iberia, 1957,1962 

Adrian Howard Arlington, Texas, 1989 

Carlos Jones Ruston, 1993 

Gail Jones Natchez, 1981, 1998 

Matt Koury. Leesville, 1995 

Bryant Lewis Haynesville, 1958 

Carroll Long Tyler, Texas, 1970 

David Morgan Austin, Texas, 1973 

K. Michael Sawrie Alexandria, 1972 

Dr. B.L. Shaw Shreveport, 1955, 1960 

Glenn TalbertA Shreveport, 1964 

Ginger Wiggins Jackson, Miss., 1986 

Jimmy Williams Winnfield, 1993 


Greg Comeaux Lafayette 

SGA President 

The Alumni Columns is published in 

spring, summer, fall and winter. 


Dr. Chris Maggio, 1985, 1991 


Jennifer Wilbanks Anderson, 1997 


Ericca Reynolds, 2000 

David West 


Gary Hardamon 


Beth Mann, 1975 

NSU Press Publications Office 

Northwestern State University is accredited by the Commis- 
sion on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and 
Schools ( 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097: 
Telephone number 404-679-4501) to award Associate, Bac- 
calaureate, Master's, Specialist and Doctorate degrees. 

It is the policy of Northwestern State University of Louisi- 
ana not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, 
sex, national origin, age, or disability in its educational pro- 
grams, activities or employment practices. 

Alumni personal Web sites are a 
favorite way to communicate 

Communication today is faster than ever before. Now 
more and more people are finding and reuniting with lost 
friends and family thanks to the internet. 

Many NSU alumni have found that having a presence 
on the World Wide Web benefits their careers, hobbies and 
personal lives. Four alumni tell us the advantages of their 
personal Web sites. 

Tait Martin, a 1997 graduate, mixes business with 
fun for the visitors of his Web site. Martin, is an 
instructor at Florida State University as well as a 
motivational speaker, finds his site,, a 
central location to keep up with his students, clients and 

"The Web is by far the easiest way to keep up with 
friends," said Martin. "Not only can they read what I've 
been up to, they can look at the pictures. The site 
originally began as a way for me to keep up with clients 
for my speaking and consulting business, but the focus 
has since changed. While I still have sections 
specifically for clients, I also have sections devoted to 
my students, travels, and friends. As far as keeping it 
up, I try to add something new once a month." 

Martin's site is a reference for his students with 
links to communication theory, helpful publications and 
class syllabi. But this doesn't leave the site with a 
serious tone. You can find communication exercises and 
ice breakers in his "Brain Bubble" section or be amused 
by his travel antics in the "Crazy T-Shirt" tour. You can 
also view some of the works of art, a newfound hobby 
since he graduated from Northwestern. 

One of the biggest advantages of his site is the 
connection with his NSU past. 

"Surprisingly, has become an 
incredible tool for keeping up with folks from NSU, " 
Martin said. "I have gotten hundreds of e-mails from 
faculty and friends who were at NSU while I was a 

tait irtiii. 

Alumni Columns Summer 2003 / 1 

Campus News_ 

Alumni personal Web siti 

Madeline Buchanan, a 1969 graduate, also enjoys the benefits of 
having a personal Web site with On this site she 
not only keeps education information for teachers and students, but 
she also posts her favorite Louisiana praline recipe and pictures from 
her travels. 

Buchanan's favorite area of the site is her trips to Australia, New 
Zealand and Iceland. She will be adding vacations to Scandinavian 
countries and Russia, where she and her husband will travel this 

Buchanan, a Natchitoches native who now lives in Birmingham, 
Ala., retired from her job as a librarian this spring and plans to devote 
time to expanding and adding new areas to her site. 

" I would like to add more on my family," Buchanan said. " I 
need to do research on my family, who was from Natchitoches, and 
learn more about the Jewish community there." 

Buchanan began developing Web sites in 1995. She has also 
developed sites for her school and her church. 



Sonny Carter's Web site,, was the result of a 

challenge. Carter, who had 

dabbled in photography for years, 

has an expensive, high-quality Leica 

camera. An acquaintance, realizing that Carter 

owned a very expensive piece of equipment encouraged 

Carter and others to build a site displaying a "picture of the 

week." This way, he could prove that he was "worthy of that 


Carter's two-year-old site is a gallery of his documentary 

photography. Along with galleries of his pictures of the week, he 

has a Mardi Gras gallery. His son, Adam, is a frequent subject. 

The site receives approximately 8,000 to 14,000 visits every 


"Photography and the Web site are gratifying and 

fun, " Carter said. "I like the site because it 

is non-commercial so I 

can do what I want. 
Nobody's dictating what I have to take pictures of. 
Chance dictates what my next picture will be." 

Carter is a digital conservationist in the Cammie 
Henry Research Center at the Watson Library on NSU 
campus. On his off time you will see his camera 
serving as his favorite accessory. 

"I take my camera just about everywhere," he said. 

Alumni Columns Summer 2003 / 2 

Campus News- 

ire a favorite way to communicate 

Wrestling fans will enjoy visiting to read about 
graduate Deven "Aleece" McNair. McNair, a theatre graduate, is also 
known as "Fire" in the wrestling arena. 

She began training as a female wrestler after a two-year period as a 
stuntwoman in Japan. Now she travels throughout the United States as 
well as in Canada and Mexico performing wrestling matches during 
which she is known for throwing Mardi Gras beads, never cheating and 
red streaks in her hair. 

"Young girls are really into it," said McNair. "There aren't many 
female wrestlers, so they really enjoy it." 

On McNair's site you can find upcoming performances and 
photos of Fire with friends, family and celebrities. You can also 
send her a message in her guest book. The site is how she books 
most of her shows. 

"Almost all of my work has been booked because of my Web 
site," she said. "It's how I have gotten all of my work. Since I 
work internationally, they can get information from my site 
instead of having to send the information." 

McNair, who is a schoolteacher in Van Nuys, 

Cal. during the week, is engaged 
to former NSU student 
Corey Rouse. 

Redesigned athletics Web site to be 
launched August 1 

The NSU Athletic Department is set to launch its new 
official athletics Web site on August 1, 2003. The site 
will remain at the same address ( 
but will have a new look and numerous new features. 
Included on the site will be: expanded team pages with 
bios, photos, statistics and records, online ticket 
purchasing opportunities, Gary Hardamon's photo 
gallery, promotional schedules, merchandise, fan polls, 
live game broadcasts, up-to-date weather forecasts, a 
"former athletes" section and much more. 

"We are very excited about launching this new Web 
site," Associate Athletics Director Jamie Matherne said. 

"Web sites have become such a big part of collegiate 
athletics and it is very important that potential student- 
athletes and fans worldwide can get the most up-to-date 
and expansive coverage of Demons sports as possible." 

CP-Tel provides the NSU Athletic Department with its 
online services and also designed the new look. Richard 
Gill serves as the general manager of the company while 
Luke Brouillette serves as the head Web designer, 
including the design 

"We at the NSU Athletic Department would like to thank 
CP-Tel and its staff for all its hard work in putting this 
new site together," NSU Athletic Director Greg Burke 
said. "We truly admire our partnership and hope that it 
can continue for years to come." 

Alumni Columns Summer 2003/ 3 

Campus News. 

Groundbreaking for Wellness Center 
takes place 

An eagerly anticipated project that will have a 
major impact on student life at Northwestern State 

University took 

"I kept hearing SGA (Student 
Government Association) presidents say they 
were going to do something about the 
Intramural Building, so when I had a chance 
I was going to make it happen. " 

— Alicia Thomas 

another step 
forward at the 
ceremony for its 
$6.9 million 
Recreation and 
Activity Center 
which will replace the current Intramural Building. 

Work has started on the three-floor Center 
which will include free weights, cardiovascular 
exercise equipment, an indoor walking track, 
racquetball courts, a gym, aerobics workout area, 
staff offices, a computer lab and snack bar. The 
projected completion date is the fall of 2004. 

Funding for the Center was provided by NSU 
students who approved a $75 per semester 
assessment fee in 1998. 

"I kept hearing SGA (Student Government 
Association) presidents say they were going to do 
something about the Intramural Building, so when I 
had a chance I was going to make it happen," said 
former SGA President Alicia Thomas who started 
groundwork for the project during her term in the 

1997-98 academic year. "The 
building was falling apart. I heard 
the complaints. The students have 
a sense of ownership in this 
building. They can be proud of 
what they did." 

Thomas spent most of her 
term gathering information on 
similar projects at universities in 
Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi. 
The decision was made to renovate 
the current IM building instead of 
constructing a complete new 
facility to take advantage of 
existing infrastructure and save 
money for NSU students. 

The assessment fee was 
passed under the administration of 
Luke Dowden, who succeeded 
Thomas as president. 

"The students are going to 
see what they voted on in 1998," 
said Dowden, who is now the 
admissions counselor for adult 
learners at NSU. "They wanted to 
make wellness a priority." 

NSU President Dr. Randall J. 
Webb credited Thomas and her 
predecessors with keeping the 
project moving. 

"I work with each SGA 
president to try to accomplish one 
major goal," said Webb. "This will 
help Northwestern and its students 
in many ways. The Wellness 
Center will promote exercise and 
good nutrition, which will help 
those who use this facility to be 
better, healthier students. 

Those who have attended 
Northwestern over the past four 
years along with current students 
can point to this facility and say 
that they were the ones who took 
the initiative and made it happen." 

Alumni Columns Summer 2003 / 4 

Campus News. 

Building on NSU 
Leesville/Fort Polk 
campus named for 

Northwestern State Univer- 
sity formally named the adminis- 
tration building on its Leesville- 
Fort Polk campus for Chester 
Creighton Owen. Owen, the long- 
time executive director of NSU's 
Leesville/Fort Polk campus, died 
in November 2002. 

Approximately 200 friends, 
colleagues, students and family 
members honored and remem- 
bered Owen at a ceremony held 
on the Leesville-Fort Polk cam- 
pus. A memorial was also dedi- 
cated in his honor. 

Owen had a long, distin- 
guished career as an educator in 
Vernon Parish. He taught English 
for many years in the school sys- 
tem before serving the Vernon 
Parish School Board as a guid- 
ance counselor, supervisor of 
instruction, director of curriculum 
and superintendent of Vernon Par- 
ish Schools. After retiring as su- 
perintendent of schools, he was an 
adjunct and graduate advisor at 
NSU Leesville/Fort Polk before 
becoming the campus' executive 
director in 1993. 

"He was an important role 
model for me. Mr. Owen was my 
friend and it is an honor to be part 
of this ceremony," said Dr. Larry 
Monk, acting executive director 
of NSU's Leesville/Fort Polk 
campus, who first met Owen as a 
student in his English class. "He 
was someone who lived life to the 
fullest. All of our lives were en- 
riched because he crossed our 

Throughout Owen's life, be- 
ing an educator was much more 
than just a job to him. 

"Nothing except his family 
meant more than education," said 
daughter Mae Ann Ledet. "He 
never did anything for glory and 
would get aggravated about going 
to ceremonies to receive honors. 
He wanted to do things for the 
students and the teachers." 

Ledet said Owen's secret of 
success was easy to find. 

"His secret to success was 
his heart. All that he did came 
from his heart," she said. "What 
he did was because of his love for 
the people around him." 

Another quality which made 
Owen stand out was his loyalty 

Kappa, life member; Sigma Chi 
Fraternity, member; Sons of 
American Revolution; Vernon 
Arts Council and was a Mason, 
Shriner and a veteran having 
served in the United States. 

"I knew when he called me 
there was a problem," said State 
Rep. John Smith of Leesville. "He 
was more tenacious and caring 
about solving that problem. He 
meant a great deal to me and 
meant everything to this campus. 
We can never replace him, but we 
can always remember him." 

Smith introduced a bill to 
permanently name the administra- 
tion building on the Leesville/Fort 
Polk campus for Owen. 

"Loyalty was one of the things he taught, " 
said son Lt. Col. Charles Owen. "He was loyal 
to a lot of things - the business of education, 
the people of education, his community. He felt 
very deeply about Leesville, Vernon Parish, the 
state of Louisiana and his country." 

As a community activist, 
Owen was president of several or- 
ganizations including the local 
PTA, Louisiana Schools Supervi- 
sors Association, Leesville/ 
Vernon Parish Chamber of Com- 
merce (Twice), Leonidas Polk 
Chapter, Association of the United 
States Army, Owen was also in- 
volved in organizations including 
the Boy Scouts of America, the 
Boys and Girls Club and the 
Governor's Military Advisory 

He was a charter member of 
the NSU Chapter of Phi Delta 

Alumni Columns Summer 2003 / 5 

Campus News 

Book captures history of 
Natchitoches Christmas Festival 

The first book has been written about an annual 
event intertwined with life in Natchitoches — the 
Natchitoches Christmas Festival. The book, "A 
Diamond Jubilee: Celebrating 75 years of the 
Natchitoches Christmas Festival," was written by 
Main Street manager and public 
relations coordinator for the City of 
Natchitoches Courtney Hornsby and 
Northwestern professor of 
educational technology at Dr. Ron 

According to Hornsby, the idea 
for the book came about when 
planning for last year's festival. 

"We were looking at ways to 
celebrate the 75 th anniversary," said 

A Diamond Jubilee 

Celebrating 75 Years 
of the Natchitoches 
Christmas Festival 


Hornsby, a NSU alumnus. "Not only did we want to 
tell how the Natchitoches Christmas Festival got 
started, we wanted to show how it has shaped the 
community and all of the traditions that have 
evolved because of the festival." 

"There was such little documentation about the 
festival other than occasional stories in the local 
paper, at least through the '80's and prior to the 
national attention," said McBride. 
"Furthermore, it was the 75 lh 
anniversary so the book was a 

Hornsby and McBride decided to 
do a history on the festival using 
information they could find but also 
included some interviews which they 
thought would provide not only 
legitimacy to the book but would add 
"color and flavor" with a personal 

"Many of the original planners 
were deceased so we relied on 
relatives such as Mrs. Solomon," said 
McBride. "She provided a wealth of 
first hand knowledge and has a 
wonderful scrapbook about the early 
festival years." 

Mrs. Solomon's husband, Charles 
Solomon, was a city utility employee 
who was known at "Mr. Christmas 
Lights" for building most of the set 
pieces along Cane River Lake. 

The Natchitoches Christmas Festival 
has been named as one of the top 100 
events in North America by the America 
Bus Association. 

"What makes it unique is the 
Natchitoches community," said McBride. 
"New York has its Macy's Parade, 
Pasadena has the Rose Parade but 
Natchitoches has the Christmas Festival 
which is on par to those when you 
consider that it is not just a one day 
'happening' but actually a six-week 

The book was made possible through 
a grant from the Louisiana Endowment 
for Humanities. 

For information about obtaining a 
copy of the book, please call Hornsby at 

Alumni Columns Summer 2003 / 6 

Campus News. 

Demon football 
standout Charlie Tolar 
dies at age 65 

Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame 
member Charlie Tolar, a record- 
shattering football star at Natchitoches 
High School and an Ail-American at 
Northwestern State who won All-Pro 
honors with the Houston Oilers, April 
28 after a brief battle with cancer. He 
was 65. 

Tolar, whose 5-foot-6, 220-pound 
frame made him a standout figure in the 
old American Football League, was 
voted by fans to one of two running 
back slots on the Oilers' 30th 
Anniversary Dream Team. Heisman 
Trophy winner Earl Campbell was the 
other running back elected. The team 
was comprised of 25 stars from 
Houston's first three decades of pro 

He was inducted in the Louisiana 
Sports Hall of Fame in 1991. 

Tolar carried several nicknames, 
including "Tank" and "The Human 
Bowling Ball," throughout his playing 
days. With Houston, he played with such 
stars as Pro Football Hall of Fame 
member George Blanda, All-Pro 
receiver and fellow Northwestern State 
alum Charlie Hennigan, and former LSU 
Heisman Trophy winner Billy Cannon. 

In the offseason, he developed a 
friendship with internationally-known 
oil well firefighter Red Adair, who hired 
Tolar in 1962 to work alongside him 
around the world. 

Tolar was named to AFL All-Star 
teams in 1961-1963 and was described 
in the 1965 Oilers' media guide as "the 
solid favorite of Houston pro football 
fandom and one of the AFL's most 
colorful and exciting performers ... the 

bearer of more nicknames than any half- 
dozen players in the league." 

Tolar won back-to-back All-State 
honors at Natchitoches High School and 
ran for a state-record 1 ,897 yards and 23 
touchdowns in his senior season. After 
signing with LSU, he transferred to 
Northwestern in his hometown and was 
twice the Gulf States Conference "Most 
Valuable Player" for the Demons. 

At Northwestern, he set scoring 
records for single-season points (79), 
career rushing touchdowns (29) and 
career rushing yards per game (75.7) 
that stood for more than 40 years. He 
still ranks fourth all-time at NSU in 
career scoring (182 points) and eighth in 
career rushing yards (2,194) while 
leading the GSC in scoring and rushing 
three years in a row. 

Donations can be made to the 
Charlie Tolar Memorial Scholarship 
Fund administered by the NSU Athletic 
Department. For information on 
donations, contact Charlie Vienne at 
(3 18) 357-4295 or at 
c vienne @ via e-mail. 

Alumnus Foster 
Campbell Elected to 
Public Service 

Louisiana State Senator Foster 
Campbell was elected to the North 
Louisiana seat on the state Public Service 
Commission in 
November 2002. 

Campbell, NSU 
Class of 1970, vowed 
to strengthen the 
commission with his 
business background 
and legislative 
experience on 
consumer issues. 

"The Public 
Service Commission 
is the most important 
regulatory body in 
Louisiana," Campbell 
said. "It oversees rates 
for electricity, water, 
transportation and 
other utilities. It has a powerful impact on 
the pocketbooks of the people and the 
ability to advance and promote a better 
economy. It can help people build their 
businesses, succeed and promote 

"My background as a businessman 
and my legislative record as a consumer 
advocate qualify me for the PSC." 

Campbell noted that Public Service 
Commission enjoys a proud history of 
strong leadership. Jimmie Davis, Huey 
Long and John McKeithen have held the 
North Louisiana PSC seat. 

"These men acted with purpose and 
left a legacy of service to the people," he 
said. "Today, many people don't know 
who their public service commissioner is, 
much less that the PSC plays a vital role 
in their lives and livelihoods." 

Campbell owns two insurance 
agencies in Bossier City: Campbell 
Insurance and Premier Insurance. He also 
operates a cattle farm at Elm Grove, his 
home in south Bossier Parish, and is the 
father of six children ranging in age from 
1 1 to 26. 

Raised in Bossier City, Campbell has 
a degree in business administration. He 
began his professional career as a 
schoolteacher in Bossier Parish public 

First elected to the Senate in 1975, 
Campbell was re-elected to the District 36 
seat six times by the people of Bossier, 
Bienville, Claiborne and Webster parishes. 
Among his political accomplishments 
are a three-year fight to return the state's 
rural electric co-operatives to OSC rate 
regulation, lowering utility rates for one 
million Louisiana residents; and the 2001 
passage of the new "DO Not Call" 
program to restrict unwanted sales calls 
at home. 

Campbell is 
the author of the 
legislation placing 
$1 billion of the 
state's Tobacco 
Settlement in trust 
for local schools. 
He modeled the 
Excellence Fund 
after the Bossier 
Excellence Fund, 
which Campbell 
created from 
Louisiana Downs 
revenues in the 
mid-1980s. BEEF now has a balance of 
$10 million. 

"As Public Service Commissioner," 
Campbell said, "I will continue to be an 
independent voice." 

Alumni Columns Summer 2003 / 7 

Alumni Events 

Alumni Gatherings 

Carol I ("67) and Susan Long hosted Texas alumni and futur^ 
students with a reception in Longview. 

NSU Recruiter and alumnus Jamilla Maxie ('00) poses 
with hosts of the New Orleans recruiting reception Bill 
Sirmon, Johnny Carmouche and Edie Sirmon. 

Ricky ('85) and Julie Messina ('89) Walmsley visit 
with NSU recruiter and alumnus Rocky Procell ('01 ) 
while hosting an alumni/recruiting reception in Covington. 

Dan ('57) and Lilly Chase opened their home to future Joyce Shuele ('46) Theophile Scott ('43) and Melba 
NSU students with a Baton Rouge reception. Jeane Morris C69) visited at the Shreveport alumni 

reception at Savoie's. 

James and Helen. ('79) Powell, hosts of the Shreveporl 
recruiting reception, visit with NSU recruiter Erin Long) 
Drago COO). 

Katherine Watkins Alexander ('98) and husband Mark 
('96) piled their plates with crawfish at the annual 
Dallas crawfish boil. 

Sherry Anderson Thompson ('77), Ed Thompson 
('76) met Johnette ('01) and Chris ('01) Monoghan 
during the Dallas alumni gathering. 

& J. 

Bobby Adams ("96), Yvette Stringfield ('77) and Lance Sco 
('95) met with other alumni at Barecca's in New Orleans.i 

The Natchitoches Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors held their annual scholarship golf tournament 
to benefit an NSU business major. Shown are Director of Alumni Affairs Chris Maggio, Jim Sandefur and 
Kim Ward of the NAIF, scholarship recipient Jim Adams. Shae Perilou and David Kees of the NAIF and 
Director of Instutional Advancement Tony Gustwick. 

Richard Armstrong ('01), Dana LeBlanc ('02). Gam 
Germillion ('99) and Clarence Matthews ('96) visited witl| 
other New Orleans alumni at a Barecca's reception. 

Alumni Columns Summer 2003 / 8 

Alumni Events 

losts of the Leesville recruiting reception are Gene ('63 & '70) and 
lartha Koury and Martha ("97) and Matt ('95) Koury. 

ireveport alumni Jennifer Whitford ('92), Eve Cox ('93). Jennifer 
ake ("94), Karen Spillman Miller ('92). M'Lissa Peters ('99 ). Leigh- 
m Tabor ('92). Denis Deville Broadway ('93) and Cindy Cranford 
srzog ('93) gathered at Savoie's for a reunion this spring. 

ff ('74) and Frances Conine, hosted of the Natchitoches recruiting 
eption in their home. 

. and Mrs. Michael ("95) Simoneaux visited with other fellow music 
icators at a reception held in conjunction with TMEA. 

ttending the NSL! Basketball Reunion on February 1 5 were Jerry 
yrd ("57) of Shreveport; Bill Stewart ('60) of Issaquah. 
'ashington; James Stewart ('71) of Doyline, Jimmy Leach ('60) 
Florien and Joe Green ('58) of Harrisonburg. 

Marlene ('00) and Mike ("72) Sawrie once 
again opened their home to future NSU 
students by hosting a reception in Alexandria. 

Velma Knowles ( '34) enjoyed reminiscing with 
other Texas alumni at the Longview alumni/ 
recruiting reception. 

Ephen('51)and Vera Macaluso and Bren 
enjoyed visiting with other alumni d 
reception at Barecca's in New Orleans 

la Webb 

urine a 

Lenn ("75) and Danny Prince hosted Ruston 
alumni and prospective students with a 
reception this spring. 

Mike ('86) and Susanne Knotts Barbara and Pete ("66) Seymour visit with Gloria Martin 
hosted the Bossier recruiting Hewlett ("74) and Bob Hewlett during Dallas alumni 
reception this spring. gathering this spring. 


, ^^^ W j ' 1 


l r m 

3p ^P^ItllllgH 

1 1 

Stuart ("98) and Jennifer Aby 
('97) Archer recently hosted the 
Alumni/Recruiting reception m 

Tim Thompson ('76). Kay Head. Roalnd Champagne ('75) 
Gil Beck ('74) Pam Beck ("73). Kelle Head ('01) and Brad 
Jones ( '98 1 met with other alumni at the Shreveport alumni 

Alumni Columns Summer 2003 / 9 

Alumni Events - 

NSU alumnus on front lines of nation's public health 

Somewhere there's 
a Northwestern 
alumnus who has no 
idea of the impact she 
had on a fellow 
student's career and 
ultimately the nation's 

graduate J. Michael 
(Mike) Miller ultimately 
became one of the 
nation's top clinical 
microbiologists, but his 
career choice was 
initially swayed by his 
spot in the registration 

"I was standing in line in the gym to register and there 
was a cute red-headed girl in front of me whom heard say 
she was majoring in microbiology," said Miller. "I figured 
that sounded good. I liked science, but growing up in 
Winnfield, I hadn't heard of microbiology." 

With the background he received at Northwestern, 
Miller has built a successful career and recently received 
the bioMerieux-Sonnenwirth Award for leadership and 
innovation in clinical microbiology, the highest national 
award for a clinical microbiologist. The award is given 
annually by the American Society for Microbiology, 
recognizing an individual who has provided great influence 
and support for the clinical microbiology profession. 

Miller is the chief of the Laboratory Response Branch 
of Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Program at the 
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. 

"In this position, I am responsible for ensuring that the 
nation's public health laboratories are prepared and ready 
for any bioterrorism incident by having in place in 
Laboratory Response Network Laboratories standard 
operational protocols, reagents and processes for any 
potential agent of bioterrorism," said Miller. 

Miller earned a bachelor's and master's degree at NSU, 
a Ph.D. in microbiology from the University of Texas 
Health Science Center in San Antonio and earned 
Diplomate status in the American Board of Medical 

After joining the CDC in 1976, Miller spent his first 12 
years as an instructor of public health microbiology 
procedures traveling around the world teaching diagnostic 
microbiology. For 13 years, he was director of the WHO 
collaborating center for Staphylococcus bacteriophage 
typing and director of the National Kelbsiella Serotyping 
Network and was founding father of the National 
Laboratory Training Network. Miller has authored 83 
published, peer reviewed papers, 19 book chapters, three 
books and 12 CDC publications. His books are considered 
standards in many laboratories around the world. 

When last year's anthrax outbreak took place Miller 
was one of two laboratorians sent to Washington D.C. to 
work directly with environmental specimens taken from 
contaminated post office sites. 

"During the outbreak, more than 150,000 specimens 
were submitted for sampling to laboratories throughout the 
U.S.," said Miller. "I also head a group of 25 CDC 
laboratory specialists who are certified in hazardous 
materials procedures and who are available to go out in the 
full gear that look like space suits to collect specimens for 

The attention paid to the anthrax outbreak is an 
example of the increased awareness of public health issues 
after the Sept. 1 1, 2001 attacks on the U.S. 

"The public is much more aware of public health issues 
and of issues involving their own health than in the past. 
We are more concerned about our health and medical 
details than ever before," said Miller. "When an emergency 
happens in this field of bioterrorism it is something that has 
to be addressed immediately not in weeks or months." 

Northwestern was the place where Miller's interest in 
science blossomed. 

He was influenced by Dr. Rene Bienvenu, chairman of 
the Department of Microbiology who went on to be NSU's 
president, and Dr. Paul Thompson. Miller also worked 
closely with graduate students Benny Barrage and Dr. Jerry 
Allen, who is now a member of Northwestern's faculty. 

"Benny and Jerry encouraged me and they showed me 
that microbiology can be interesting, if not plain fun," he 

Miller also credited Dean Leonard O. Nichols, who 
was faculty sponsor of Blue Key for many years, and Dr. 
Bill Shaw, who he called "the most influential of anyone on 
campus" even though Shaw was not a faculty member in 
his major area. 

He is married to the former Norma (Ginger) Foshee of 
Mansfield, who was Miss Northwestern State College in 

"My time at Northwestern was, and will continue to be, 
extremely important to my life choices," said Miller. "I 
began to see the real world that I was about to join and in 
this transition I was surrounded by terrific friends and 
faculty who were interested in me. 

I loved everything about this place. ..the campus, the 
activities, the people, the short hike to downtown, sports, 
the Baptist Student Union, ...most importantly it led me to 
the one passion in my life that tops the others. wife, 
and eventually my family. I have learned that we are who 
we are because of God and other people; and I am truly 
grateful that so many of the 'other people' were there at 

Alumni Columns Summer 2003 / 10 

Alumni Events . 

New Scholarships available for NSU students 

Alumni and friends of 
Northwestern State University 
along with area businesses have 
taken steps to ensure the 
continued growth of Northwestern 
by establishing scholarships 
through the NSU Foundation. Ten 
new scholarships have been set up 
recently to benefit students at the 

"We are grateful to all those 
who care about Northwestern and 
have been willing to help our 
students gain an education," said 
NSU president Dr. Randall J. 
Webb. "These private 
scholarships allow us to attract 
and retain outstanding students 
who will go on to successful 
careers after earning their degrees. 
Many of these recipients will 
remember what generous donors 
did for them and will also give 
something back to the university." 

The following scholarships 
have been set up: 

Natchitoches Association of 
Insurance and Financial 
Advisors Scholarship - This 
annual scholarship was 
established by Natchitoches area 
insurance agents and financial 
advisors. The recipient will be a 
business major. 

Business and Professional 
Women Scholarship - A non- 
traditional student at the 
sophomore level or higher will 
benefit from this scholarship 
established by a Natchitoches 
civic club. Preference is a 
business major from Natchitoches 

People's State Bank 
Scholarship - This scholarship 
will be awarded to a business 
major preferably from 
Natchitoches or Sabine parish; 

Edwin B. Dyess Memorial 
Endowed Scholarship - This 
scholarship was set up by Billie 
Dyess, Dan Dyess and Desiree 
Duhon Dyess in honor of Edwin 
B. Dyess. Dan Dyess is a 1977 
graduate of NSU while Desiree 
Duhon Dyess is a 1997 graduate 
of Northwestern. The scholarship 
is for entering freshmen lasting 
until graduation; pre-law or 
business majors from Sabine 

Ellis and Melva Juanita 
Martinez Coutee Endowed 
Scholarship — for students at 
any level of study in accounting, 
mathematics or the bachelor's 
program in nursing. Preference 
for students from Natchitoches, 
Rapides, Caddo, Bossier or 
Sabine parishes or the greater 
Baton Rouge area. This is the 
second endowed scholarship 
established by Ellis Coutee, a 
1 960 graduate of Northwestern 
and Melva Juanita Martinez 
Coutee, a 1958 graduate. 

Kenneth I. Durr Scholarship 
- the endowed scholarship was set 
by Dr. Kenneth I. Durr, a 1939 
graduate of Louisiana State 
Normal College, who also was a 
faculty member in business for 

several years. The preference is 
for an accounting major, but a 
business major may also be a 

Woodmen of the World 
Lodge #207 Scholarship - 
Endowed scholarship awarded for 
one year to a freshman. 
Preference is to a recipient who 
has a family member in Lodge 
#207. The scholarship was set up 
by a Natchitoches civic 

Rader - Osborne Endowed 
Scholarship - the scholarship 
will be awarded to an 
undergraduate or graduate student 
in nursing for either one semester 
of one year. Preference is given to 
an out-of-state student. 

Bank of Montgomery 
Endowed Scholarship - The 
scholarship will be given to a 
freshman business major from 
Natchitoches, Winn or Grant 
parishes. Preference is based on 
financial need and involvement in 
various activities; 

First Federal Bank of 
Louisiana Scholarship - 
Business students at any level will 
benefit from this scholarship set 
up by this Louisiana bank with 
offices in Natchitoches. 

Alumni Columns Summer 2003 / 11 

Alumni Events 

Three honored by CSO 

Two former and one current 
Northwestern faculty and staff members 
will be honored by the NSU Catholic 
Student Organization and Holy Cross 
Church at a reception and mass on 
Homecoming weekend, Oct. 25 and 26. 

Dr. Marietta LeBreton, professor of 
History and Mr. Walter Ledet, longtime 
administrator and coach, will be 
recognized as the charter members of the 
Catholic Student Organization 
Laypersons of the Year. Mrs. Elise 
James, a former faculty member and 
Director of Alumni Affairs at NSU will 
be honored posthumously. 

"These three individuals have been 
tremendous examples of people who 
have made and continue to make a 
difference in the lives of countless 
university students as University 
employees and as parishioners of Holy 
Cross Church," said Father Dan Cook. 
"The Catholic Student Organization 
recognizes their known and unknown 
contributions to the faith life of many 
Catholic students over the five years." 

LeBreton, Ledet and James will be 
recognized at a reception on the morning 
of Homecoming, October 25 and will be 
honored at the first annual Alumni Mass 
at 1 1 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 26. All family, 
friends, alumni students of the three 
honorees are invited to attend both 

For more details, contact Cook at 
Holy Cross Church at 318-352-2615. 

NSU vs. Tulane 
Catch the Excitement 


Join the Graduate "N" Club 

The Northwestern State University 
Graduate "N" Club is comprised of 
former Northwestern athletes who 
support the university, its athletes and 
athletic programs. If you are a lettered 
athlete and would like to become a 
member of the Graduate "N" Club, - 
please contact Gil Gilson at (3 1 8) 677- 
3 141 or via e-mail at 

The NSU Alumni Association is sponsoring a weekend in New 
Orleans for NSU alumni and friends. Spend a fabulous 
weekend with other NSU fans and cheer for the Demon 
football team as they play Tulane University at Tad Gormley 
Stadium with a 7pm kickoff. 

The Alumni Association will host a tailgate party two hours 
prior to game time. Make your reservations for the tailgate 
party by calling (318) 357-4414 or (888) 799-6486. Call the 
NSU Ticket Office for seating in the Northwestern section at 

Special rates have been set at two hotels. Rates for the 
Homewood Suites are $109 per night. Rates for Le Pavilion 
Hotel are $1 19 per night with a two-night minimum. Make 
reservations by calling the Homewood Suites (504) 581-9133 
or Le Pavilion Hotel (504) 581-31 1 1 or (800) 535-9095. 

For more information call the NSU Alumni Association (3 1 8) 
357.4414 or (888) 799-6486. 

2003 Northwestern State 

Aug. 3 

Demons Football Schedule 

Jackson State 



at Tulane 

Sept. 1 


Delaware State 

Sept. 2 

at Louisiana-Monroe 

Sept. 2 


at Northern Iowa 



Oklahoma Panhandle State (Family Day) 

Oct. 1 


Southeastern Louisiana 

Oct. 1 


*at Southwest Texas State 

Oct. 2 


*Nicholls State (Homecoming) 



open date 



*at Sam Houston State 

Nov. 1 


*at McNeese State 

Nov. 2 


^Stephen F. Austin 

Nov. 2 


First round, NCAA Division I-AA Playoffs 



Second round, NCAA Division I-AA Playoffs 

Dec. 1 


Semifinals, NCAA Division I-AA Playoffs 

Dec. 1 


Championship Game, NCAA Division I-AA Playoffs 

* Southland Conference games 

Alumni Columns Summer 2003 / 12 


Angel Vitte Huval 

Most students consider getting 
lost on their first day of class a pretty 
good indication of more bad things 
to come. This turned out to the be the 
exact opposite for one NSU 
alumnus. For Angel Vitte Huval, she 
stumbled upon a career that has 
ultimately changed her life. 

Huval transferred to NSU from 
the University of Southwest 
Louisiana as a psychology major. 
She got lost trying to find the 
psychology department and ended up 
walking into the social work 

"I had a wonderful conversation 
with Mr. Malcolm Braudaway about 
my future and he said I should 
consider becoming a social worker," 
said Huval. "He was so proud of 
being a social worker. After we 
talked, I changed my major to social 
work the very next day!" 

Huval says all of her professors 
at NSU played a major role in her 
life, teaching her how to become a 
confident, competent social worker. 
She also attributes the social work 
curriculum for preparing her to the 
handle administrative responsibilities 
of a social worker and becoming a 
strong advocate in the helping 

"Mr. Braudaway was my role 
model," said Huval. "He thought I 
was very talented and his 

encouragement made me want to do 
my best. I think he would be very 
proud that he has made such an 
impression on me that how I have 
accomplished so much as a social 

In fact. Huval has accomplished 
quite a bit since graduating from 
NSU in 1994. She was the program 
director for the Natchitoches 
Diversion Program from 1994-1995 
and she went on to earn her master's 
from Grambling State University in 
1995. In 1996. she began working at 
St. Martin Parish School-Based 
Health Centers where she is 
currently a coordinator and social 
worker for St. Martin Parish. 

Seven years ago, Huval noticed 
an increased number of students in 
therapy. She decided that in addition 
to having group counseling, the 
students would participate in 
individual and community acts of 
kindness. Huval developed the 
Random Acts of Kindness Project. 

"I wanted them to experience the 
gift of giving back to others and the 
feeling of self-worth and pride," said 
Huval. "After each weekly group 
session, students are individually 
assigned an act of kindness to 
perform at school, home or in the 

Each year. Random Acts of 
Kindness participates in a 
community project such as singing 
Christmas carols at nursing homes, 
making ornaments or put on a play. 
This year the students sold hot 
chocolate and donated the money to 
the community "Neighbors in Need" 
project that helps community 
members financially with their 
electricity and water bills. 

Huval also developed her own 
corporation. Youth Choices, Inc. She 
says she started the corporation 
because she felt students in rural 
areas needed more services. Her goal 
for the program is to provide youth 

with education to help them 
experience pride in their community 
and keep them from entering the 
juvenile court system. 

"I offer parenting classes, youth 
and adolescent anger management 
classes, mentoring, teen pregnancy 
support groups and a youth summer 
day camp that allows students to 
express themselves 'therapeutically' 
through art work, crafts, outside play 
and field trips." said Huval. "I also 
contract with the 16 lh Judicial 
District Attorney's office and other 
local law enforcement agencies by 
providing parenting skills and anger 
management classes." 

Huval says the results from these 
two programs are quite 

"The best results to me are 
watching the students have 
ownership of the good deeds they 
perform in their community and 
watching how it shapes their own 
personal lives." said Huval. "I think 
this is how they get in touch with 
their spirituality which in my opinion 
is more important than any 
therapeutic tools I can give them." 

Due to her accomplishments in 
social work she was the 2001 
recipient of the Woodman of the 
World Scholarship: 2001 recipient of 
the 16 ,h Annual Career Achievement 
Award; 2002 recipient of the Women 
of Excellence award and most 
recently she was chosen as the 
Lafayette Regional Representative 
for National Association of Social 

"Being a social worker is the 
most spiritual experience a person 
can have," said Huval. "I receive so 
much more than I give. I knew if I 
received the education and direction 
I needed, I could do great things. I 
received both of those things at 
NSU. I can honestly say I have 
found my purpose in life." 

Alunuu Columns Summer 2003 / 13 

Class Notes /Profiles 


Ethel M. Williams Hill was a fashion 
illustrator and instructor at Dallas 
Academy of Fine Arts. She lives in 
Athens, Texas. 


Alva A. Cook is retired and lives in 
Carthage, Texas 


Marjorie Shirley Barre' is a retired 
physical therapist. She lives in Dallas. 


Genevieve Marmande Wathen is a broker 
associate. She lives in Dallas. 


Carol Lynn Smith Sandifer is a retired 
schoolteacher. She lives in west Texas. 


Dr. J. Wanzer Drane has been selected as a 
Fellow of the American Academy of Heath 


Nell Campbell Adams retired from the 
Office of Public Health as a medical social 
worker. She is married and lives in West 


Carroll Voyght Bradford is a retired 
teacher. He is married and lives in Dentle. 


Rosa Charlyne Creger is a retired 
anesthetist. She lives in Shreveport. 


Mary Nell Lott is employed at NSU as a 
coordinator for the Space Science Group 
in the College of Science & Technology. 

Dr. Bettie Moore Meachum received the 
Excellence (Teacher of the Year) Award 
for the academic year 2002-2003 for the 
Dallas County Community College 
District. She has been a professor of 
Psychology for 27 years at Cedar Valley 
College in Dallas. 


Travis Lynn Bolton is a retired auditor. He 
is married and lives in Simpson. 

Col. "Dick" (Donald Richard) Moore is a 
retired air force pilot. He works for 
American Airlines, is married and lives in 


Bobby Dale Shields is the President/CEO 
of University Club of Caddo Parish, Inc. 
He is married and lives in Shreveport. 


Ricky Swift Thomas is the owner of 
Thomas & Associates Attorney Search. 
He is married and lives in Piano, Texas. 

Deborah Ann Whitney Cloud is employed 
the Office of Family Support as a social 
service analyst supervisor. She is married 
and lives in Benton. 


Denise Davenport Wood is an assistant 
principal at Airline High School. She is 
married to Ken Wood ('77) and lives in 
Bossier City. 

Neda Arleen Nelms Robertson is a Title 1 
Facilitator at Hornbeck High School. She 
is married and lives in Hornbeck. 

Brenda Cheryl Collins Bellemin is a math 
department chair and teacher at Parkview 
Baptist School in Baton Rouge. She is 
married and lives in Port Allen. 


Roscoe Lewis works at Project Associates 
Inc. as a staff designer and contractor for 
Shell Oil. Company. He is a justice of the 
peace for the 8 lh district in Jefferson 
Parish. He is married and lives in Kenner. 


Cynthia Dianne Braxton Briggs is the 
office manager at Legal Services of North 
Louisiana. She is married and lives in 

Becky Lynn Guidry Ruddell is a 4 lh grade 
reading teacher for Pine Tree Independent 
School District. She is married to Terry 
M. Ruddell ('79) and lives in Longview. 

Rebecca Faye Bryant Lavespere is a 
retired teacher. She is married and lives in 

Terry Mac Ruddell is a warehouse 
manager for Baxter Sales. He is married 
to Becky L. Ruddell ('79) and lives in 


Dennis Tyler is a senior estimator 
photography coordinator at Haggin 
Marketing Inc. He lives in San Francisco. 


Vern Guidroz is the program director for 
independent living at Cane River Children 
Services. She lives in Natchitoches. 


Dawn Taylor Branch Tyson is an 
instructional coordinator for Caddo Parish 
School Board. She is married and lives in 


Rhonda Nelms Ruddick is employed by 
the Ouachita Parish District Attorney's 
Office. She is married and lives in West 


Elizabeth J. Matthews-King is a human 
resource manager at Randolph Air Force 
Base. She is married and lives in Schertz, 


Kervin Donell Campbell is employed by 
the DeSoto Parish School Board as a 
teacher. He lives in Manfield. 

Lori Kristine Perkins Tassin is a consultant 
and branch advisor at Independent 
Longaberger. She is married and lives in 

William Dowers is a vice-consul and 
works at the United States Embassy in 
Seoul, South Korea. 

Walter Brett Harris is a software engineer 
at GHG Corporation. He is married and 
lives in Seabrook, Texas. 


Joe Brister is a medical lab technician. He 
lives in Houston, Mo. 

Alan Omo is the flight commander for the 
21 st space wing at Peterson AFB. He is 
married to Stacey Taff Omo ('92) and 
lives in Monument, Colo. 


Denise Dupree' Deville Broadway is an 
office manager at DB Broadway 
Transport, Inc. She is married and lives in 


Daniel Craig Duplechien is a senior 
project consultant at USC Consulting 
Group. He is married and lives in New 

Alumni Columns Summer 2003/ 14 

Class Notes/ Profiles 

Bart Stagg is a technical consultant for 
Accurate Industries of Louisiana. He is 
married and lives in Pineville. 


April Comeaux Walker is a homemaker. 
She is married and lives in Jennings. 

Angel Vine Huval is a licensed clinical 
social worker. She is the coordinator of all 
school-based health centers in St. Martin 
Parish and started her own corporation 
named Youth C.H.O.I.C.E.S, Inc.. create 
healthy options to help families. 


F. Steven Hines is an accountant at Hines, 
Jackson & Hines. He is married and lives 
in Natchitoches. 

Martin Ryan Arthur is a rehab technology 
supplier for National Seating and Mobility, 
Inc. He is married and lives in Spring, 


Kelley Kendall Mims is the director of 
client operations at Larry Thompson 
Associates. She lives in Garland, Texas. 

Linda M. Rhodes is a therapist at Child 
and Youth Development Center. She lives 
in Jonesboro, Ark. 

Rhonda Anita Rachal Carter is the co- 
owner and a registered nurse at Hope 
Hospice. She is married and lives in 

Pam Huckaby North is the co-owner and a 
RN, DON, Administrator at Hope 
Hospice. She is married and lives in 

Rita Kathleen Salard is a paralegal at Ford 
Law Firm. She is married and lives in 


Stephen Fleury is the controller and 
business manager at Barron, Heinberg & 
Brocato Architect & Engineers. He is 
married and lives in Pineville. 


Randy Morvant is the collections manager 
at Tower Credit Inc. He is married and 
lives in Gonzales. 

Brandy Ann McConathy Pitre is a 3 rd 
grade teacher and new teacher recruiter at 
Wedgewood Elementary in East Baton 
Rouge. She is married and lives in Baton 

David Balcer is the box office manager at 

American Airlines Center. He lives in 


Patrick Worsham is the director of 

instrumental ministries at Forest Cove 

Baptist Church. He is married and lives in 

Kingwood, Texas. 

Jana Lynn Whitehead is the community 
services specialist and case manager at the 
Office for Citizens with Developmental 
Disabilities. She lives in Pineville. 

Brennan Peter Mack is a pilot for Gulf 
South Aviation. He lives in Kenner. 

Sarah Jean Webb Carline is a veterinary 
technician. She is married to Craig J. 
Carline ('99) and lives in Bloomfield, 

Sharon Lynn Curtis Arbaugh is a 
receptionist and office assistant at S.S. 
Marine & Outdoors. She is married and 
lives in Benton. 

Gary Humble is an associate pastor at 
Harvest Christian Center. He is married 
and lives in Turlock. Calif. 


Scott Alan Gottreu is the Web 
administrator for the Space Science Group 
at NSU. He lives in Natchitoches. 

Branden Delano Johnson is a qualified 
mental health professional at Sabine 
Valley Center MHMR. He lives in 
Longview, Texas. 

Tricia DeAun Hrapmann is the corporate 
sales manager at LePavillon Hotel in New 
Orleans. She lives in Gretna. 

Julie Anne Duncan works at Brentwood 
Psychiatric Hospital. She lives in 

Crystal Nichole Boggs Ryan is a fourth 
grade teacher at Walker Intermediate 
School in Fort Knox. She is married and 
lives in Radcliff, Ky. 


Kerry Melissa Anne Garrigan Johnson is a 
graduate assistant at NSU. She is married 
to Joseph Brett Johnson ('01 ) and lives in 

Brett Bailey is a contract screenwriter. He 
lives in Piano, Texas and Los Angeles. 

Melissa Star White is currently teaching 
English and coaching cheerleading at 
Marksville High School. 


William Eilers is an associate appraiser at 
Kevin D. Hilbert and Associates. He lives 
in New Orleans. 

Allison Bulot is a strategic research 
analyst at Atlantia Offshore Limited. She 
lives in Houston. 

Amber Renee Moreland is the site 
coordinator for NSU Space Science. She 
is married to Ronald D. Williams, Jr. ('01) 
and lives in Erath. 

Lindsay Lucas is an executive sales 
assistant for GunnAllen Financial. She 
lives in Tampa. 

Sarah H. Lee Mitcham is an emergency 
room RN at Christus Jasper Memorial 
Hospital. She lives in Anacoco. 

In Memory 

Thaddeus Ferrell Bailes, Leesville 
Mary Ellen Cormack, Houston, 

February 19,2003 
Eulava Sledge Dupree, Baton Rouge, 

March 10, 2003 
Marie S. Kelso, Galveston, Texas, 

April 29, 2003 
Cecil Owens, February 1 1 , 2003 
Reba Ann Parrott, Zwolle, 

February 26. 2003, 
Pearl Lilley Cook Pugh, 

February 16.2003 
Denton Shell, Winnfield, April 6, 2003 
Doris Shell, Winnfield, 

February. 10. 2003 
Anna Louise Rogillio Stewart, Ruston, 

January 15,2003 
Burnell Allen Webb, Coushatta, 

February 7, 2003 

'35 Eulava Sledge Dupree, Baton Rouge, 

March 10, 2003 
'35 Allen E. Hood, Chatham, 

February 21, 2003 
'39 Dudley W. Hillman, Lockport, 

February 23, 2003 
'43 Corinne Harper Blalock, Alexandria, 

March 2 1 , 2003 
'58 Charlie Tolar, League City, Texas, 

April 28, 2003 
'66 Emmett Hendricks, Natchitoches, 

May 18,2003 

'03 Glen Denning DeVanie, Alexandria, 

April 2, 2003 

Alumni Columns Summer 2003 / 15 

Class Notes/Profiles 

Looking bacK 

Tri Sigma Celebrates 75 years at Northwestern 

In 1928, 24 young women began a journey of which many women would soon follow. Seventy-five 
years and almost 1700 members later, the Alpha Zeta chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma celebrates a rich 
tradition and heritage on Northwestern 's campus. 

Before becoming a chapter of Tri Sigma, the women were members of the Phi Upsilon social 
sorority, but soon realized the advantages of chartering with a national organization. They officially became 
the Alpha Zeta chapter on February 17, 1928. 

In the beginning, Tri Sigma shared a two-story frame building with other Greek organizations on 
campus. They each had a room that they could decorate and furnish to make their own. Finally, they were 
able to purchase a lodge on campus in 1942. They now meet in their lodge on Greek Hill. 

The Alpha Zeta chapter of Tri Sigma will celebrate its 75 ,h anniversary during Homecoming 
activities this fall. The Natchitoches Alumni Chapter and the Alpha Zeta Collegiate Chapter will sponsor 
reunion events. 

Guess Who? 

Can you guess the names of these former Tri 
Sigma officers? If so, please contact the 
Office of Alumni Affairs at (318) 357-4414 
or (888) 799-6486. The first five people to 
call with the correct answers will win a prize! 

Alumni Columns Summer 2003 / 16 

nlu*h4*l \i*ljO'\*y*6faoi* UfrA^Ze 

Please fill this page out as completely as possible. We are constantly revising our records and your information 
updates are vital to making the system work. The information from this form is also used for entries in the 
"Class Notes" section. Please make a copy of this page and give it to any NSU graduate who may not be on our 
list. We can't keep in touch with you if we can't find you! Thank you. 



Name: (Miss, Mrs. Mr.)_ 

Please Circle 

Current address:. 









NSU undergraduate degree(s): 
NSU graduate degree(s): 

.Year of graduation:. 
Year of graduation:. 

During which years did you attend NSU?_ 

Which organizations were you involved in while a student at NSU?_ 

Place of employment 
Job title: 

.Work phone:. 

Spouse's name: 

Is your spouse an NSU graduate? Yes 
If yes, what degree(s) did he / she earn? 

Spouse's undergraduate degree (s) 

Spouse's graduate degree (s) 


.Year of graduation. 

.Year of graduation. 

Do you have children who are potential Northwestern students? Please tell us their names, contact information, 
and what high school they attend. 

Please return to: Alumni Center • Northwestern State University • Natchitoches, LA 71497 

If you would like information from Admissions, Financial Aid or the NSU Athletic Association, 
you can contact them at the following address: 

Director of Admissions 
State University 
Room 103, Roy Hall 
Natchitoches, LA 71497 
(318) 357-4503 
800-426-3754 (Louisiana) 
800-327-1903 (out of state) 

Director of Financial Aid 
State University 
Room 109, Roy Hall 
Natchitoches, LA 71497 
(318) 357-5961 

Athletic Director 
State University 
Room 101C 
Athletic Fieldhouse 
Natchitoches, LA 71497 
(318) 357-5251 

Northwestern State University's Class of 1953 celebrated their Golden Jubilee as part of the university's 
spring commencement. Approximately 50 members of the class had lunch and took a bus tour of the city 
and before being honored at commencement where they each received a second diploma. The next day, 
each member was inducted in the"'50-Plus Club," as part of the group's annual luncheon. 

Alumni Columns 
Northwestern State University 
Natchitoches, LA 71497-0002 

Postage Paid 
Postal Permit 
USPS 015480 

ftluwif)} tt-fifttt.